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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Travis's Day Out

Today was a really good day!  Lately it seems Travis and I have such different schedules.  He is being pulled one way and I in the other!   And, on the weekends he likes to do his "man" things and I my "women" things!!  We never have "our " time anymore and especially with the pregnancy I'm a big stick in the mud!  Well today was different!  We started our day at Pet Smart where we had to pick up a new "pooper scooper"!!  Needless to say that was not the highlight!!  We then headed over to the boardwalk for some shopping and lunching!  It's so funny how your priorities change when there's a baby in the works!  We walked into the Gap and we both immediately headed straight for the baby stuff!  I decided because Travis was shopping with me today he could pick out all of Charlie's new goodies! (We have very different taste)  I have to say though that I was impressed with all his choices.  We then headed to a few more stores before I got so hungry I thought I was gonna pass out!!  We ate lunch at this neat little place called Which Wich?  It was a custom sandwich shop with great shakes and cookies.  Travis treated himself to a pineapple shake and I stuck with a turkey sandwich!  It was yummy!!  On the way home we decided to go ahead and pick up the CRIB!!!!!  As soon as we got home Travis got to work on it!!  He did a great job and it is more beautiful than I expected!!  Enjoy some of the pics below!  Have a great weekend!!
Hawaiian Shirt and Paper boy hat!

12 month overalls
3 month cozy coat!!

His first pair of corduroy pants

Of course this was Travis's favorite!

Travis sporting the Paper Boy Hat

Mommy's choice!

Mommy's second choice!

Travis at work!



Jonell Hart said...

awwww....everything is precious!! Even Travis ;)

melissa said...

LOVE the crib!

Frannie Delhoste said...

Really pretty crib! Love it! Good job Travis! -Frannie

Lisa said...

I just love all the cute clothes Travis picked out for Charlie and you can tell that Travis is really going to enjoy his little man. I


Kristen said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!! I'm getting so excited!

Kimberly and Jarrod said...

We are so happy for yall! Love the outfits and crib! Can't wait to see the finished project!


Sorry posting a little late! Love love the paper boy hat and overalls the best!!! and the little shoes! Henry has absolutely no shoes right now....i love the crib too!