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Monday, May 17, 2010

Charles Hudson Hart

I am so excited today because I have picked a name for this sweet little man!!!  We will call him Charles Hudson Hart (Charlie)!!  I absolutely LOVE it!! It was very important to me to pick a family name!!  I am  very traditional and wanted his name to mean something!  I actually didn't find out till tonight just how strong his name was! I always loved the name Charles and it is my step fathers middle name!  Tonight he informed me that he was named after his grandfather (his Mothers father) who was Grandpa Charles Johnson and he was called Charlie!!!  I was so excited to hear this!!  Hudson hopefully will be the start of another great name!  Travis loved this name and it seemed to fit perfect!!  We love it!!  Charlie might not be here yet but his new wardrobe is off to a great start!!  Thanks to everyone who has gotten him these precious outfits!!
Baby Charlie at 15 weeks ( I haven't taken 16 weeks)

Some of Charlies first outfits (Thanks Rozzie, Mel and Kristen)

Thanks Kristen for the cute onesies!

Can't wait to put his name on this one!!


Diana and Orie said...

did daddy not approve of the daygown.....

Carie Hart said...

OMG Diana!! I already had it hung up!!!! I forgot about it!!! Its gonna get its own special post!!! I am soooo sorry!!!